4 days in Paris -12/14-12/17/2018

Dinner at La Rotisserie d'argent- 12/14/2018

La Tour D'argent in a historic restaurant in Paris known for their pressed duck (Canard a la presse).  The restaurant raised its ducks on its own farm and guests who ordered the duck will receive a postcard with bird's serial number.  La Tour D'argent is a 1 Michelin star and it is quite pricey to eat there.

Tonight we have reservation at La Rotisserie D'argent, which is the kid brother of La Tour D'argent, where they serve the same exceptional products of the star restaurant but in an affordable version and this is also a bistro so the atmosphere is a lot more relax.

We rented an apartment in the 15th arrondissement close to La Tour D'Eiffel.  Since we have a bit of time we decided to walk to the restaurant located on Quai de la Tournelle in the 5th Arrondissement.




  It is December so all the streets are decorated for the Holidays.


Christian Dior store  

The Eiffel Tower.



River Seine


It was a cold night so I am all bundle up.



Behind me is the famous Tour D'argent restaurant.


Just across the street is La Rotisserie D'argent bistro.


Store front


When you walk in there is a huge open kitchen with lots of chefs behind the counter.


We were seated in the main dinning room.  The decoration is definitely French Bistro with checker tablecloth and checker titles on the floor.




Hoa ordered a nice bottle of wine for us.



Cheers to Hoa and Georges.


We are happy to dine her tonight with family.


Canh, Chi Be, and Me


We are sharing the appetizer and the first dish is a Quenelle de Brochet (Pike Dumpling) with roasted beets


The pilowy quenelle is a pike dumpling native to Lyon is a classical French dish and it was delicious.



We also ordered a home made pate de campagne.




The French know how to make their pate!  This one was exceptionally good.





Papercloth on top of our table with the logo of the restaurant.

Main course


For our main entrees we ordered the roasted whole duck (for 2 people) with seasonal fruits and the melting milk fed lamb shoulder, also for 2 people.

Our waiter proceed to show us both dish before he takes it away to cut it into portions.


Our waiter in the kitchen separating the duck into two portions.


This is the Breast portion served with mashed potatoes and pear poached in red wine.



Huge portion!




Next, the leg, thighs and dark meat are served on a bed of mushroom duxelle



Excellent Duck!


This is half of the lamb shoulder for 1 person.  The portion is very generous.


This is the 2nd portion of Lamb shoulder.


Canh and Chi Be ordered the Milk fed lamb shoulder


Georges got the steak frites.


Apparently, right next to this Bistro they have  La Tour D'argent bakery that offers to Parisians the possibility of picking “from the house” the amazing breads of the star restaurant.  They also have an incredible selection of heavenly pastries.  All the pastries served at the Bistro is from their own bakery.


For desserts we ordered the éclair au chocolat, a French classic dessert.



Excellent dessert!


We also ordered a millefeuille, made by sandwiching crispy layers of puff pastry with a rich custard pastry cream filling and then garnishing the top with a glossy royal icing.



Both desserts were outstanding.


We are done with our meal and we had a very good time here.


Next... Holiday Dinner with family




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