Phuc's& Nicky's birthday, a Moroccan feast  - 2/6/10

The set up

The food

Sitting down for dinner

 Desserts/Birthday cake


Tonight we are celebrating Phuc's and Nicky's birthday!  Phuc and Nicky share the same birthday date!  This year it is even more special because the actual birthday date falls on a Saturday!

Maily sent out an e-mail invitation  with the following words: RAS EL HANOUTE, B'STILA, L'HAMD MARKAD, AL KOTBA MRAKCHIYA?

 and a little message saying: If you're curious about what they mean...come join us for a Double Birthday Celebration for Phuc & Nicky.

 I bet you are now curious to find out their meaning right?   If you are patient then you will see the meaning on the second page but, if you can't wait then click on the food page and search of these words!

                             This is actually a big production with over 40 guests over for dinner and the theme was Moroccan food.    Since we do have talented people in the group, Doan was in charge of decorating and setting up all the tables and to represent the Moroccan theme.  

The Set up

Center piece for the main dinning table for the adults.

For some reason this remind me of Aladdin and Ali Baba at the same time.  Doan did a good job by adding nice details like the carpet, jewelry box, treasure box, and you can't really see it but the tall yellow  bottle  has peacock feathers but you can see it on the picture (on the right) below.

The table was beautifully decorated with bold color and attention to details.


Overview of the table.

Close look at the treasure box.


This is the table for the kids!  The color are so bright and vibrant.  The lamp in the middle is colorful and also exotic!  

Okay here you will to use a bit of imagination....I did not take a picture of the center piece on the buffet table but I have bit and piece of it so you just have to put it together in your head.

The 1st picture is the vase, the 2nd picture is part of the flowers inside the vase and same with the 3rd picture.


In the kitchen... preparing food.

Here we are in the kitchen helping Maily preparing with the last minute preparation.

Maily ready to sprinkle powder sugar on her B’STILA B’DJEJ,   Chicken in Phyllo Dough.  You will see a picture in the food page.

Maily the chef, and the sous chef: Hanh, me, and Ha in the kitchen. 

While we are in the kitchen preparing the food the guys are gathered around the TV. 

From left to right:

Trung, Hoa, Tuan, Tuan Vu, Tuan Ngo, Dong

Trung, Tuan and Kelvin sampling a glass of wine!

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