Huyen's birthday- 11/3/12

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Originally Phuc planned to serve Veal for dinner but his butcher could not fulfill his order so Phuc has to go back to the drawing board and do what he does best: Serve the best steak in town!   When we all heard that he was going to serve Steaks instead of veal everyone was cheering!  We are always looking forward to have a juicy and flavorful steak!


Since July of 2012 the Foie Gras ban in California took effect we were devastated so we had to look into something else to replace it.  The next best thing to Foie Gras is roasted Bone marrow.  Well it not quite as good as Foie gras but it is pretty darn good, I might say! 

On the counter two large trays of Bone Marrow with roasted garlic mashed into a puree paste covering the top of the bone, ready to go in the oven at any moment now.



Close look at the bone marrow and garlic paste puree.

Don't tell me this is not appetizing!


Trays of seasoned rib-eyes steaks.  We get a rib-eye per person.  Each rib eye is about 1lb and a half to two pounds.

Phuc's butcher always get  the best quality of meat reserved for top restaurants and there is no way we can ever find the same quality in any groceries.


The bone marrow are roasted in the oven for 15 to 20 minutes until they golden brown and the marrow is soft and translucent!


Close look at the bone marrow!  Aren't they appetizing!

It looks like a lot but actually each bone marrow yield about 2 bites!  It was delicious, decadent, and simply to die for.

They are even better with a nice strong red wine.

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