Where's the beef? - 3/8/08

If you are in the mood for a big juicy steak then you might ask: Where's the beef?

Obvious answer!.....where else but at Phuc's and Huyen's famous steak house, available only when the chef, Phuc, is in the mood to make love to his meat!   

Even our kids know by now, that if we are going to Phuc's house, it simply means it is going to be a great night for steaks!  And believe me when I said we are all looking forward to have the best steaks in town!

Phuc has connection with a wholesaler guy who only sell the best quality and the best grade of beef money can buy!  The steaks that Phuc gets were Wet Aged for at least 21 days, meaning it was aged in a vacuum sealed bag to improve the taste.  During the aging process, enzymes in the meat work to break down the muscle tissue, making it bolder and softer.  The step above Wet Aged is Dry Aged but it is an expensive process requiring extra effort, storage and only high-quality beef is used. Up to 20% of the original weight of the loin is lost during the dry aging process. This is why dry aged steak is offered only in fine restaurants (like Alexander), upscale grocery stores and gourmet steak companies.

Tonight on the menu, for the adults, we are going to have  20lbs of Prime Cowboy Rib Eyes.  For the kids, Phuc bought 10lbs of Hi-Choice Angus skirt steaks.  The prime Cowboy Rib Eyes and the Hi-Choice Angus skirt steaks are both the highest grade beef you can get for their class.   Unless you are going to a specialty or upscale grocery stores you will not find this quality of beef!  All of us gave up the idea of going out for a good steak because we can have a much better steak at Phuc's and Huyen's  house! 


Phuc is now grilling the Hi-Choice Angus skirt steaks.  There are 9 kids and Phuc is grilling 10lbs just for them.  Needless to mentioned that the kids ate the whole 10lbs.  No leftovers were found after they were done with their meal. 

Again.. where's the beef?     You know the answer now!


Next, the Prime Cowboy Rib Eyes are on the grill -20lbs for 14 adults.  With this much meat we are definitely quality to be Carnivores!



Good quality meat and marinating the meat to perfection is just not enough to be a great steak.

The third key is to know how to grill the meat to perfection.  Too well done and it is over, you might as well throw the meat away.

Phuc has lots of practice and it shows it in this picture how a nice caramelized crust is formed on the steaks.  Looks like they are almost ready to be served.  





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