Portugal- 4/13- 4/20/2016

Nazaré and Sítio-4/17/2016

Nazaré and Sítio Lunch at O'Luis

The restaurant is not that close to the main square so we had to walk around town to get there...

An interesting small alley leading to the restaurant.


We finally found the restaurant. It was recommended by Rick Steves.

According to Rick Steves O'Luis serves excellent seafood and regional cuisine to enthusiastic crowd in a cheery atmosphere and few tourists go here.  Perhaps it is because it is not in the main square and you have to walk a bit to get to restaurant.   Rick Steves was absolutely correct, as we found that most of the clients were locals which is a very good sign.

Inside the restaurant


The menu

In Portugal as soon as you seat down the waiter would bring bread and butter or other appetizers automatically.  Beware it is not free like you would expect. 

You can politely reject the bread or other appetizers but once you accept it, the restaurant will charge you. It is usually not very expensive but it is such a weird concept especially for U.S. customers.

Here we got bread and cheese, we choose to accept their offer.


Most of clients today came here for lunch right after going to church.


We ordered a grill a whole grilled snapper-€23

Our waiter proceed to remove all the bones and he was going to discard the skin but we asked me to leave it on.


Boiled vegetables came with the grill fish

Fish stew Nazare style

There are 3 type of fish in this dish and other shell fish-the portion is for two people and we could not believe that the cost is €10.50

This stew was really delicious-all the fish and shell fish were fresh, perfectly cooked, the broth was also very fragrant.


Our waiter finished removing all the bone and now he is serving us.

The snapper was so good, fresh, and succulent!  They grilled the fish and simply add a bit of olive oil and salt and that's is how simple it is. 

How good was it?  you be the judge!

Hey where are the fish?  hum...we ate them all!  What's left is a bit of salad and potatoes... we definitely ate the good stuff first! 

For dessert we ordered a mango  €2.60, coffee  €.75 and Hoa ordered a glass of port- €3.50

Mango was so sweet!

This a house liquor -free of charge!

They put a container on each table so that the guest can help themselves.

Incredible meal for €60-we gave the waiter close to 7anb he was so happy!

People don't really tip in Europe.  Basically we paid  €15 per person-What an incredible deal!

This is a really good restaurant with excellent service.  Our waiter was a 19 years old, he spoke enough English to get by and he was so funny and very pleasant!  




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