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I have not updated Rocky's pictures in a while so here a bunch of pictures taken in 2015 and 2016 

In the summer I shaved Rocky's fur so he looks more like a Sharpei.

Rocky really does not mind me shaving him... I think he likes it as he probably feels a lot lighter.


We don't know what happened but his leg was swollen.  I thought he would bet better but within 2 days he got a fewer, so we took him to the emergency.


Turned out he had a huge mass in the inside of his thigh which we did not check.
They admitted him right away and operate him that evening.  This is the day after when we took him home. 


He had to keep the cone for 10 days.  The only time I took it off is to feed him.  I think after a while he got used to it.

This is at the clinic-last check up- The stiches healed nicely and the cone will be removed right afterward.

Rocky was so happy without the cone.. Here he is in the garden enjoying the sun.

Note you can that his front legs were partly shaved so they can insert an I.V.


This picture was taken at the doggie daycare-We were on vacation in Portugal.

Resting comfortably on a warm hot summer.


Rocky is left here in the care of Kevin in Irvine



They dressed him up!


He looks very cool here! 


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