Farewell my beautiful girl-7-8-2018

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Rocky passed away very recently and we are now left with Foxxy.  She is lost without Rocky even though they are not best friend, they are always together or close by each other.

To cheer her up and since she is small (about 6lbs.) it is easy to take her anywhere, and she is a super friendly dog. 

We took her to Lands end in San Francisco and she enjoyed every bit of it.


Wine tasting in Napa Valley. This is a dog friendly wine tasting place so Foxxy was welcome here.


Foxxy enjoyed the attention and so many people stopped by to say hello to her.


There a few dogs around and one really like Foxxy but the dog was too energetic so we have to kept her away.  She is now 14 years old and she really does not to play any longer.


Sun bathing with Rocky in the backyard.


This is in the beginning of the Spring when the air is still cold but staying in the sun is so comfortable and these two dogs are just doing that.  Soaking as much sun as possible.


Foxxy sleeps a lot! 


I have to take her to the doctor for a checkup so I took her to my work so I can work a little and then take her later on to the doctor.

She is very agile so from the floor, she jumped into my chair, and then jumped up on the ledge, walking around and checking everything else around.


She is in the car with Kevin who will take her Irvine to baby sit her while we are on vacation.

The highlight of Rocky and Foxxy's day is their daily walk and they are so excited to go. We will walk a good 45 minutes every day!


Both of them on the couch watching TV with mama.  Looks like Foxxy is smiling on the picture on the right.


Foxxy is really bossy but Rocky is really cool and relaxed and he does not mind that she stays close to him.


I think Foxxy found comfort being close to Rocky.


Very cozy in her bed

Since Rocky passed I decided to foster Dora, a Chihuahua mix so that Foxxy can have company.

Foxxy is already showing sign of Alzheimer and having Dora helps her a bit.  She would follow Dora everywhere.  She is so lost most of the time.


Foxxy is usually very bossy but since she has Alzheimer she seems to calm down around Dora by sleeping with her and leaning against Dora seems to help with her anxiety.


Foxxy's Alzheimer is getting worse.  She is really anxious and would walk in a circle around the house non-stop.  Even if you hold her she would not sit still and would go into a corner and just stands there for a while.


Toward the end she lost control and would pee and poo all the time so I have to put a diaper on for her.  She usually stays in the garage but with her Alzheimer she would walk around the yard constantly all day so I have to leave her in the house when I go to work.  I would come back at lunch time to change her diaper.  It went on like that for a few months until we decided that we should let her go.  Her mind is no longer functioning.  She would barely eat and she does not respond to us any longer.


In the end we took her to the doctor and we had to put to sleep.  She did not suffer and she is in a better place now.

We love you my little princess.


  I like to remember Foxxy just like in this picture, a beautiful dog enjoying live.  She came into our lives by coincidence, we did not pick her, she was given to us to foster but we ended keeping her. The first thing she did when I took her home is to jump into Hoa's lap, put the head against his chest, and she would stare into his eyes.  Hoa's said OMG, we have to keep this dog.

She stayed with us for 2 years and 8 months and I know she was happy here until the end.  We gave her so much love, a stable environment, and a warm place to rest her old bones, and in return she loves us unconditionally and you can see her eyes that she is grateful to have us as her family.

 Where ever you are, I am sure Rocky is with you and he will take care of you. Farewell my girl, until we meet again. I miss your aura, you loving gaze, and your gracious walk.


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