Taz, our Sharpei dog- 09/08/29/2018 - 9/20/2021

Rocky passed away 6 months ago and I am finally ready to adopt another sharpei.   There are so many dogs that need a home so we decided to adopt instead of shopping for a dog. 

There is only one Sharpei Rescue in Northern California and it is located in Redding  which is about a 5 hours drive from our house.

The California Sharpei is a small family rescue center that is run by an elderly couple and they can only house 25 sharpeis. 

When we got there and after discussion about our lifestyle, and the type of dogs that will fit with us, they brought out two dogs for us to see.

The 1st one that they brought out was a big dog and Dora barked non-stop when they walked together.  Next, they brought out Taz.  Dora ran over Taz and started to sniff him, and she was totally at ease with walking with Taz.  Basically Dora picked Taz over the 1st dog and that's how he become part of our family.

This is a post for the California Sharpei rescue when they got Taz.
He was a mess with a skin condition, he had Entropian (eye lid problems), and he always needed to be neuter.

Taz stayed at the rescue for about 2 months and they fixed him and took very good care of him.  With-in 2 months his skin condition was gone and he is such a handsome boy.


This is the 1st time we met him at the rescue.  He was so sweet, very calm, friendly, and right away he gave me kisses.


I was so surprised that he was so friendly toward us who are completely a stranger to him.
If you are not familiar, Sharpei are very protective of their owner and they are by nature not friendly dogs


It is official, we are adopting Taz and we are taking him home.


Taz sat with me in the back seat of the car for 5 hours and I think he knew that I was going to be his mom, and from then on, I was the only person he was truly attached to.

The first thing we did when we got home is to take him in tee garden and he started exploring his surroundings.


First walk in the neighborhood

This is the first walk for Taz in our neighborhood.


Taz and Dora are walking really well together. 

Daily walking became a routine for both of them and they are looking forward to a walk everyday.  As soon as I come home for work, I usually change my clothes and I gave them a 45 to 1 hour walking everyday, even when it is raining.


Taz rolling against the carpet for a scratch.

I am not sure if he ever live inside a house as he did not know how to climb on a couch but it did not take him long to get use to good life.


Cozying up into his bed.


Bed is too small for him but it does not bother him even when his whole head is outside the bed.


Too cute!


We have 3 beds out ranging from Large, medium and small and somehow Taz picked the smaller bed.

Taz and Dora are taking turn to sleep in the small bed.


For some reason he likes to be in a small bed! Half of his body is outside the bed but he does not mind.


Very comfy in his bed.


Tax and Dora keep taking turn on sleeping in the same bed.


Again, Taz prefers the small bed.


Taz and Dora on the couch next to my office.



Both of the  sleeping on the couch. 


Taz learned from Dora to jump up the table in our backyard.


In the winter, the cement is too cold so Dora and Taz are usually up on the table to sun bathe.



Sun bathing in the backyard.


More sunbathing...


They constantly switching places...


Totally passed out on the sofa.


When it is too hot and he wants to lay in the shade, this is his favorite area, right at the door going into the backyard.



Dogs do sleep a lot!


Hanging around in the back yard with Kevin and Hoa.


If they are inside the house, they would both wait for me at the entrance to welcome me when I come back to work.


And if they are outside they will wait at the side door to see me pulling in the drive way.

There isn't a day that Taz would not wait for me with the exception of toward the end he was just too tired and would sleep all day.







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