- 9/05


Another business trip in Singapore, another stop in Ho Chi Minh City!  

The last time Hoa stopped in Ho chi Minh City was in July and it was such a brief 24 hours there. This time he was able to spend about 3 days in the city and was able to visit in Aunt.   In Vietnam when people get together is always to have a meal.  Vietnamese folks are obsessed with food.  Restaurants, street vendors, mom & pop' shops are everywhere in the city.


Late supper in a Noodle soup (Mi) restaurant with Vuong (standing), Phuong (purple top).  Hoa used to hang out with Vuong's younger brother in Laos and France.



We know Phuong (purple top) from Laos.  We used to see her from time to time in France at parties etc..  We were all singles at the time, now her kids are in the mid 20's.  It's been at least a good 20 years since we have seen her.

We are here in Quan An Ngon located in District 1. All kind of vegetables are to be served with Bun Rieu


Here is a very close look at pot of Bun Rieu, the second pot is some kind of broth and at the end it looks like they are frying something, perhaps cha gio?

Everything in this restaurant is displayed so customers can see the food.


Making Banh Cuong using steam.  The lady opened the lid and is preparing to pour the flour mixture. 

 Flour mixture is now on the pot/pan and in a few minutes a banh cuong will be done.


 Saigon is so small that you always run into someone that you know.  All of the visitors usually hang out in a few places to eat and the word gets out that so and so is in town...

Lunch at Quan Nhon with Thuan and a few folks from France.


Hoa, Hieu and Thuan.  Hieu used to live in California but these days he made Saigon his hometown.



Saigon has 22 districts in total.  Five are rural farmland areas, another five are named: Tan Binh, Binh Thanh, Phu Nhuan, Thu Duc, and Go Vap and the remaining 12 districts are numbered: one to twelve.  Most of the popular restaurants and catered to visitors (Viet kieu) are located in District 1.  For sure you will run into someone you know from the U.S.


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