Singapore - 8/07

Fullerton Hotel

Flowers in the lobby of the Fullerton Hotel

Inside the Fullerton Hotel

Court yard inside the hotel


Chocolate Buffet in the Fullerton Hotel

The main Chocolate Buffet Display

This is heaven on earth if you are a chocolate lover.  Fullerton is known for it lavish Chocolate Buffet.  You can find all types of desserts and snacks made out of chocolate.

A chocolate dragon display holding a n assortment of fine chocolate.

The Hotel advertised the Buffet as the the only chocolate Buffet in the world.

An assortment of cakes.  Okay I don't know about you but my saliva glands are working over time now... 

A Chocolate Mille Feuilles to die for.!

A decadent chocolate tart.  The price per person is 33 Singapore Dollar the equivalent of $ 22.


Music in the court yard while waiting in the court yard.

Hoa and one his ex-coworker from Finisar getting together.


Next.... streets of Singapore at night




Our house


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