2 days in Barcelona, Spain -12/9/18 - 12/11/2018


We landed in Barcelona around 7:30Am today.  Took a train from the airport to our hotel and rested a bit until it is lunch time.

This is our 2nd trip to Barcelona and for this trip we are going places we did not get a chance to see during our last visit in 2014.

We knew there are plenty of restaurants in the Barri Gotic quarter and we just went there in search of a good restaurant for lunch.

Colom looks good from the outside and there two a long lists of Tapas written on the 2 black boards just at the entrance.


We are getting in...


We ordered Jamon Iberico, tomato bread- These two dishes are the staple of Spanish tapas.  


And we also ordered a Pulpo de Gallega (cooked Octopus in olive oil)


We came to Spain for the Jamon Iberico and it did not disappoint.


The octopus is also so delicious.

A cup of coffee to finish the meal

With a full stomach we can now walk around the city.


I am on La Rambla, a tree Lined pedestrian street in central Barcelona, that stretches for 3/4 of a mile.

The last time we were here, we have seen everything that needed to be seen here, so we are just passing by here. 


It is usually very crowded in the summer and it is definitely less crowded with mostly local people on the street.



Straight ahead at the end of the Rambla is Barceloneta, an area a beach and multiple ports.


Marina at Port Vell


In the background on the left is the Maritime Museum and the tall statue standing on a column you see on the right is Columbus Monument (200 foot high).



The Marina with lots of boat docking in the background.


The last time we were here we barely pass by so this time we are going to walk all the way to the iconic W hotel (tower right in the center of this picture).


The tower you see is the Monjuic cable car that can take you from Barceloneta to Monjuic castle.

You can definitely see 2 cable cars in the sky in this picture.


It was a beautiful winter day.  Birds are flying near by and they are not scared of people.


This is Port Terminals where the big the big boats are docked.



We are now at the foot of the cable car, trying to buy a ticket but the line is so long and they are closing in less than 1 hour.


To many people staying in line to buy tickets so we decided to skipped it for today.


We are now on Barceloneta beach


The beach is located in the traditional fishing district and is one of Barcelona's oldest and best-loved beaches.


Behind me the Olympic sculpture.


Urban art and sculptures were installed in Barcelona in 1992 for the Summer Olympic Games.


In the background you can see the W Barcelona Hotel, popularly known as the Hotel Vela (Sail Hotel) due to its shape. 


The W Hotel is a landmark on Barceloneta beach so we are headed that way.


Very nice to visit Barceloneta in the Winter as there are not a lot of people here.

In the summer you can barely walk here as it is full of people.



This the view in the opposite direction of the W hotel. 


A man and his dog playing on the beach.


We are now on the ground of the W hotel and people are using it to skate.


Music is blasting and people are enjoying themselves skating..



Gorgeous view of the sea from here.



The W hotel.



View of Monjuic castle on top of the hill from the W. Hotel.


This guy is singing really well so we just sat down to listen to him.



Sand castle on the beach.


Pretty elaborate...


The 3 kings and Jesus.


It must take a long time to build these figurines and also the castle.  So many details on them.


People enjoying playing volley ball on the beach.


Dragon made out of sand with a roaring fire in his mouth.  Well done!


Next..Las Arenea/Dinner at Quinto Quinta




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