12 days in Spain & 4 days in Paris- 9/12/14- 9/9/28/14

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Arrival-Dinner at Afaria

Breakfast/Notre Dame/Le Marais

Lunch at La Régalade

Père Lachaise/Shopping/Dinner at Pho 14

Le jardin du Luxembourg

Paris Day 2- Metro-9/25/2014

We had a very good walk in Le Marais and it is now lunch time.....

We have a lunch reservation at La Régalade and the easiest way is to take the Metro.

A good looking Parisian girl in the metro.

As we are getting out of the Metro and there is a huge orchestra playing music.

It was a bit surprising to see a full fledge orchestra in the metro and they were very good.  Too bad we did not have to hang around and listen to them.




Lunch at la Régalade

There are two La Régalade in Paris and the one we going to is the original located at rue Jean Moulin, Paris 14th. The second Régalade, a newer branch, is located on Rue St. Honoré.

Under Yves Cambelorde, La Régalade was the Hottest restaurant in Paris and spawned a "Bistronomy" revolution by democratizing cuisine so everyday Parisians could enjoy fine food without needing to spend a lot of money for dinner.  While Chef Cambelorde sold La Régalade to try something new at Le Comptoir, under Chef Bruno Doucet La Régalade remains a great Bistronomy destination, with brilliant food, convivial service, and what you would expect from a classic bistro.

Thuan is also in town so we met him at the restaurant.  We were a bit late but he waited for us.


The complimentary and all you can eat house made pâté and cornichons were a delicious start.

Check out the huge pot of cornichons!

It was so delicious that we could probably eat the whole thing but we had to restraint ourselves so we enjoy our lunch.

All of us decided to order the pre-fixed menu at 37/person.

The pre fixed menu include a starter, a main dish and a dessert.


Carpaccio de thon, maches, frisée, vinaigrette au cerfeuil - Carpaccio of tuna, lamb's lettuce, Vinaigrette with Chervil

Risotto crémeux a l'encre de seiche, poêlé de gambas, ail et jambon - Creamy squid ink risotto with sautéed prawns, garlic and ham.


The calamari with squid ink risotto was a fabulously dish!   Porcini mushrooms and shallots were underneath the risotto giving out a woodsy flavor, and the ribbons of tender baby calamari layered on top were sautéed in garlic infused olive oil. DELICIOUS!

Poached egg with escargot! in a puree of artichoke broth.  This is definitely not a traditional escargot dish but it looks beautiful and the flavors work well together.


Royale de foie gras de canard et ailerons de volaille, bouillon cremeux de champignons dud moment -Flan-like foie-gras, chicken wings, in a creamy mushroom soup.

De-boned corn-fed chicken wing, placed on a pile of parmesan croutons, was poured over with a mushroom broth. This surrounding sauce was slightly nutty, light and frothy, the chicken was tender and the croutons added a nice crunch.

Very impressive dish.

Entrecote de boeuf servie saignante, salade echalotes au vin rouge - Ribeye served medium rare, shallots salad with red wine sauce

The meat was tender and flavorful, and served with a velvety red wine sauce. 

 A side of pomme purée (mashed potatoes) and salade mache verte (green salad) came with it.  The mashed potatoes is to die for!

Poitrine de cohon caramelizé de chez Eric Ospital, lentilles vertes et emulsion du lard.

Pork belly from Eric Ospital free-range over lentils caramelized with green lentils and lard emulsion

Crispy skin, unbelievable yummy!  The sauce almost complimented very well the meat.

Filet de dorade sauvage a la plancha, fenouil cru et cuit a la coriande et au gingembre

Filet of sea bream a la plancha, raw and cooked fennel with coriander and ginger.

What a beautiful dish!


Fromage du moment affiné par les soins de Madame Dubois - Cheese platter specially selected by Madame Dubois.


Grand Mariner soufflé

We ended the meal with a huge Grand Mariner soufflé!  This is a single portion.  Needless to say we could not finish it.


Ending the meal with a nice cup of coffee!  We were so full but the restaurant brought out a complimentary plate of Madeleines... We could barely take a nibble.

La Régalade serves very good classical French dishes and comfort food featuring very large portions at a very reasonable price and they the service is also friendly. 

The portions across the board at La Régalade are so generous, which is very unusual in France, so make sure to come hungry.  La Régalade remains true to its original spirit, as it is a top-notch destination for brilliant food at reasonable prices in a warm and lively atmosphere. 

We had a great lunch and it was time to say goodbye to Thuan.


Next... Père Lachaise/Shopping/Dinner at Pho 14



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