3 days in Valencia, Spain -12/11/18 - 12/14/2018

Day 2-Streets of Valencia 12/12/2018

Patacona Beach/Lunch

  We hopped on a bus from the old town to Patacona beach and we got there within 30 minutes.  Patacona beach is the closest beach from the city.

The weather is pleasant for a winter day and of course there is barely anybody on the beach.


Gorgeous view of the ocean.



Lots of people eating out...


There are lots of restaurants along the board walk.


We learned our lesson and we try not to eat where it is catered to tourists as the food is usually not great.


People having a drink while having a great view of the ocean.


This restaurant is like a street behind the main road but still has the view of the ocean.

Hopefully the food is good here.


It is winter so there are not a lot of people in the restaurant.


The bar


They gave us a table next to the window.


This is our view from the table.  We can definitely see the ocean from our table.


Sparkling water for me, Wine for Hoa, and a bowl of marinated olive to wet our appetite.



We also ordered a marinated and cured fish (not sure what kind) with grated fresh tomatoes and olive oil.


Really delicious!


We also ordered the specialty of the house "Valencia Paella".  They told us it will take 45 minutes and when the paella came out we were shock to see how large the pan was.


Check it out how big it is.

Good thing is the rice level is really thin so it is still a lot of food but not quite as much as you think it is for such a large pan.  The Paella is made with chicken, rabbit meat, snails, and green beans.

Really delicious but we manage to eat at least 2/3 of it.


Panna Cotta with coffee


Great Lunch!


Walking around after lunch...


Nice palms trees lining up the walkway.


Totally deserted beach-Must be totally full of people in the summer.





Next.. Dinner at Colmado Lalola




Our house


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