3 days in Valencia, Spain -12/11/18 - 12/14/2018

Day 3-Dinner at Los Gomez-12/13/2018

This is our last evening in Valencia and we decided to go back to Los Gomez Taberna for a dinner and then we will go to see a movie afterwards.

We walked pretty much the whole day so tonight we are going to take it easy.

Staring with a Charcuterie platter.



Beer and wine...


We like this dish the last time so we are re-ordering it.


Braised oxtail in red wine with mushrooms and served with a side of crispy cassava.


Assorted pan fried mushrooms with shrimps.


Really Delicious.


After dinner we went to a movie theater a few blocks away from the restaurant and saw Robin Hood (2-18) in Original version.


Day 4-Breakast-12/14/2018

Our plane is not taking off until mid afternoon so we had time to get the last breakfast in Valencia.

We passed by this restaurant many times but never got a chance to get so today we are going to give it a try.


The restaurant is really nice, very open, and very welcoming.


View from our table looking out to the street.


Cozy seating arrangement. 



Coffee of course to start the morning..


Hoa only drinks coffee in the morning and I ate a bit so we just share a toast with homemade cured salmon, sautéed mushrooms and a poached egg.


Really good!  Perfect to star the day.

After breakfast, we walked around a bit and went back to the hotel to pack and then we headed to the airport.


Catching a flight from Valencia to Paris.


NEXT.... Dinner at La Rotisserie D'argent, Paris





Our house


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