3 days in Valencia, Spain -12/11/18 - 12/14/2018

Dinner at Los Gomez Taberna-12/11/2018

Our hotel is located in the old town of Valencia so it is very convenient to walk around.. 

Los Gomez Taberna is less than a block from our hotel located on Carrer de Correus.

Arriving at Los Gomez Taberna


The entrance, all decorated for Christmas.


We were pretty much the only people in the restaurant as it was only 8:00Pm.  I was told people don't usually start eating until 9:00/9:30Pm


Not a singly person beside us so we pretty had the whole restaurant to ourselves.


Counter located between the bar and the stairs leading to the 2nd floor.


Sangria for me and Beer for Hoa to start the evening...


Marinated olives and homemade chips to go with our drinks.


Pan con tomato-very generous portion of bread.


Tuna Tartar with guacamole, soy sauce and sesame-this is one of their signature dish. Really good!


Patatas Bravos los Gomez's style.


Braised oxtail in red wine with mushrooms and served with a side of crispy cassava


Potatoes the poor way with free range egg and Iberico Jamon


Working on our meal....


We ate pretty much everything...Very delicious!


Liquor complement of the house.


Valencia at Night


After dinner we went for a little stroll.


Blurry picture but I like it that you can see all lights during Christmas time.


This the town Hall called Plaza del Ayuntamiento.


Christmas tree in a carousel


Skate ring


People are enjoying skating at night.


I see only adults on the ring.  It might be too late for kids to hang around at this time.



Going back to our hotel....


Next.....Breakfast/Mercat Central




Our house


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