Thanksgiving dinner- 11/22/12

Set up



I am always looking forward to Thanksgiving because it is a happy time to get together with family members and good friends.  Thanksgiving is also the first festive gathering leading to the holiday season, which is just around the corner, and prompting people to start decorating their house. Thanksgiving also captures the spirit of a wonderful holiday where families and friends sit together and share stories around a sumptuous dinner and having coffee and desserts around the chimney (if you have one).

I usually go all out for Thanksgiving!  Festive Decorations are in full swing to set up the mood and then the traditional Thanksgiving dinner is a must in order to reflect on the past, to acknowledge how truly we are blessed, and also to create memories of these gathering for the future.


Since I wanted to infuse the spirit of thanksgiving in our home in order to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, Thanksgiving decorations are essentials. I have accumulated so many fall decorations over the year but this year I used 90% of what I had and I barely have to refresh and replace only a few items.   One thing that is  helpful to me when I set up to decorate is to keep in mind the fallís color scheme of oranges, yellows, tans, red, and brown and then I just put them together.


I usually start out with the tablecloth and then I just built around the color and theme

This year I wanted lots of pumpkins in the center of the table

Gold Chargers are brought to bring a bit of luxurious feel to the table.

Name tags are printed out and tied around decorative fall leaves and berry clusters stick.


More views of the table arrangement.


To create a bit of height I choose a medium height vase with fall color and added decorative curly branches to create a bit of drama.

Pumpkins of different size and color are added in the mix.

Individual plate setting with name tag.


Setting up the buffet tables

Large bowls and large plates are brought to accommodate for all the side dishes.

This year we are going to have 7 dishes.


The buffet  table is also decorated with fall theme in mind.

More view of the buffet table

The menu for the evening.

The 2nd buffet table is set up for Turkey, BBQ lamb Kabob, Ham, bread, gravy and homemade cranberry sauce.

Closer look at the 2nd buffet table.

Next.. Appetizer/Turkey/Soup



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