Thanksgiving Dinner- 11/25/2015

Set up/Soup Dinner/Nam Chi's BD

Thanksgiving dinner at our house became a tradition a few years ago after we hosted for over 10 years.  Thanksgiving Dinner at our house is a collective effort with each family bringing 2 side dishes so that I can concentrate on Appetizers, Main dishes and dessert.  It is not a lot of work for each family but together we usually end up with about 10 side dishes, a few meat dishes to fill up two buffet table.

Thanksgiving is also a very nice occasion to see of the kids together in one room.

Table Set up

Last year is all about gold, this year the table is decorated with a warm red, orange, and earth tone.


Table setting.


Colorful and festive glass pumpkins serving as center piece.

Close view of the pumpkins.

Table decoration.



Menu is printed.

Setting up the buffet table

In the background is where all the side dishes will be on display and in the center is where all the meat will be on display.

Buffet table for Roasted turkey, smoked pork jowl, and roasted Lamb, gravy, and cranberry sauce.

Buffet table for all the side dishes.


The kids have their own table.

After the appetizers, which we totally forgot to take picture of,  we served a roasted butternut squash soup courtesy of Hanh.


The Adult table enjoying our soup with canned foie gras.



Close look at the roasted butternut squash soup with cream.


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