UCLA -4/11/09

The arrival The campus The Dorm Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas

The dorm

It took us about an hour to tour the campus and we only seen just a small portion of the campus!  The campus is huge and so nice!  Now I understand why a lot of kids like to be accepted to UCLA.  Here we are on our way back to Vu's dorm to check out how it looks like.

De Neve Dorms are built a few years ago.

We arrived on the campus on a Saturday afteroon that's why the campus looks deserted. 

The entrance to the De Neve Dorm.



View of the court yard from Vu's room.


Vu share his room with 2 other students.  Vu's bed is the one on top.

Each of the students have their own work desk.


Here we are checking out the room and we were surprised to find out that the room is so small but apparently this is one of the most spacious dorm.  De Neve was built recently and is bigger than the older existing dorms.  

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