UCLA -4/11/09

The arrival The campus The Dorm Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas

The Arrival

It's spring break weekend!  We have a week off so we decided to spend a few days in L.A. and Las Vegas.  When you drive from San Jose to Las Angeles, you have to drive by UCLA so this is a very convenient stop.  Kevin will be going to college in a few years so we thought it is a good idea for him to tour the Campus and also to see Vu.   Vu is a sophomore in UCLA, and he volunteered to give us a tour of UCLA.  Vu even offered for Kevin to sleep over one evening just to have a feel of the college life!

Walking from the Parking lot to the dorms where we are going to meet wit Vu and his friends

Going down the stairs leading to the main campus...

Nice view from the dorms.. feels like we are in Italy!  below the stairs are a few cafeterias and restaurants.


Huge central Tennis court.


UCLA store.

The interior of the store.  It is huge in there!  It also has a small grocery store.


 Nicky, Kevin, Vu, Justin and Christina. posing in front of the statue of the UCLA Bruin (UCLA's Mascot).

UCLA’s earliest mascots were live bears, which entertained the home crowd at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The bears were given a variety of names, but Joe Bruin stood the test of time. In 1961, alumni presented the campus with the first Josephine Bruin, a little Himalayan bear. Josephine lived in the Rally Committee chair’s backyard, until she grew too big, and was moved to the San Diego Zoo.

UCLA is a huge campus but I don't know how we managed to bump into Thi (her 1st year in UCLA) outside of the UCLA store!

Talking about coincidence! 

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