Valentine's Day dinner- 2/15/2020

Table set up/Guest The menu/Wine Gifts/poker/Karaoke

Stressed out because you did not plan ahead and now all the nice restaurants are full.   You are trying no matter what to get a reservation, any decent restaurant will do at this point....  Well, you you are in luck this year if you got a invitation from me for a Valentine's day dinner party.  One the menu is an 8 course so come with an empty stomach and bring your appetite!

Beside Valentine, we are also going to celebrate mine and Phuc's birthday.

Headcount is 17 people for dinner and trying to set up and decorating the table is not a small task.

Since I do not want to stress out, I usually start a week ahead and I continue to build it up over the course of the next 3-4 days .

Flower arrangements are done a day ahead or mostly the day of the party.


My table is so long so to make is welcoming, warm, and inviting I added a large flower centerpiece with a variety of fresh flowers and two smaller flower arrangements on the side to balance it out and in between lots of Valentine decorations.


Centerpiece with lots of shinny hearts and glittering garlands


Kristie and Kevin sent me the orchid for my birthday and I just use it to be part of the decoration


The third flower arrangement again with lots of valentine decorations.


More views of the flower arrangements.



More decorations on the table.  Over the years I accumulated enough decorations that this year I did not have to buy anything new.


Ironing the napkins alone took quite some time, and since there is no rush I just take my time.   I usually spend 20-30 minutes every day to add more decorations etc...


Table overview


Individual plate setting with name tag.


Phuc's birthday is really close to mine so we usually celebrate it at the same time.


This year the theme is pink and red and lots of sparkles.


Beside adding a name tag on each plate setting, I also printed a menu for each couple.


Envelope with menu inside.


The front of the menu


8 course dinner on the Menu.

Our friends gathering around the island in the kitchen.


Because it is Valentine, I selected to served a Campari cocktail because of the color: red/pink

Hanh, Phuc, and Huyen-Cheers!

I asked everyone to wear something or have an accessory either red or pink and I see everyone obliged!

 Most of our friends are here but we are still missing two couples...


Tuan with the ladies...



While everyone is mingling I am putting together the 1st dish.


First I am laying all the Tuna sashimi, adding fried capers, and squeezing mayonnaise on the tuna....

Next the broth will poured inside the little square bowl.


We asked everyone to sit down and Hoa is going around the table serving sake.


NEXT.... Chef's menu


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