2 days in Vienna, Austria-07/24-7/26/2018

Arrival in Vienna -7/24/2018

We took a train from Budapest to Vienna.  The train ride is a little less than 3 hours.


The train ride was pretty smooth but their seating system is very difficult to figure out your actual seat.

We found our seat assignment but an hour in our trip, 3 people showed up and showed us they have reservation for the same seats as us.  Fortunately we were able to solve it with the help of a ticket agent on the train but it took a while to sort it out.


We checked in our hotel and now we are just walking around the neighborhood and we stumbled of this little Pub/restaurant close by our hotel.


Nice set up outside and since the weather is pretty nice we decide to stop by for a beer.

We had a few hours to kill before dinner so might as well sit down and enjoy.


Colorful entrance door


Hoa and Minh ordered some beer..


Dinner at gastwirtschaft wratschko

While looking for a restaurant in Vienna, gastwirtschaft wratschko popped up on a list and it was mentioned that Anthony Bourdain came by here so we figured it's worth the try.

We got to the restaurant it was completely empty!  It was quite a shock that we were the only customers in the whole restaurant. Usually when you select a restaurant that Tony Bourdain been to, you pretty much have to plan ahead to get a reservation... Totally empty here, not a good start.

The restaurant is pretty rustic and very simply decorated.


The bar, like I said there is nobody in the restaurant.  We opted to sit outside as the weather was nice.


I ordered the Lamb Shank


Hoa got the smoked veal



Loan ordered the Chicken filet


Minh got the Wiener Schinitzel (Viennese Cutlet) is a thin breaded and pan-fried veal cutlet.

It is one of the best known specialties of Viennese cuisine and is also the national dish of Austria.


Steamed assorted vegetables that came with the Wiener Schinitzel.


Table overview of the food we ordered.


We expected a good meal and we got a so-so meal and all of the dishes were so salty. Not sure why Anthony Bourdain stopped here.

Anyway, the cook was a Vietnamese guy and after finishing cooking, he came to our table and talked to us for a good 30 minutes.  He was so happy to see Vietnamese people and he even invited us to come to his house for dinner but we politely declined.


On our way home we stopped by for Ice Cream at Eis Greissler.

Eis Greissler makes everything from scratch, they even have their own organic milk farm of 45 cows in Krumbach. No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives in their products.

Dinner was not great but at least the Ice cream made up for it.


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