2 days in Vienna, Austria-07/24-7/26/2018

Discovering Vienna -7/25/2018

Walking from our hotel to the main places we wanted to see in Vienna.


UPS guy see how small his truck is compare to the U.S.  He is operating on what looks like to be a bicycle but it also has motor.

In the U.S. they have a huge truck to drive around. 


Random places around our neighborhood.




This is a street leading to the most famous shopping street in Central Vienna


This street is called:Kärntner Straße (Corinthian Street)


A Coffee shop with tables that are set up on the street.


We just cruising along...


 Flakturm V L-Tower Esterhazypark - There are three Flak Towers in Vienna: The L-Tower, the V L-tower, and the tower near the Obere Augartenstrasse survived to this day.

Flak Towers were structures made of concrete that were used for anti-aircraft defense and as civilian shelters during bombing raids in Germany and Austria.

In Berlin, three were built, two have survived the war and are still standing today.

After the war, the demolition of the towers was often considered not feasible and many remain to this day, with some having been converted for alternate use.


Today the tower is converted into an aquarium "Aqua Terra Zoo Wien", with more than 3,500 animals in an area of 6,000 m2.

The outside is converted into a climbing wall.


If Kevin was here I am sure he will definitely try to climb this wall.




Since the 16th century people in Austria has come to the Naschmarkt to buy a variety of products which would be brought here by vendors of the city farmers from the outside of the city, and those that came from overseas by boats and ships from different parts of the world that were once connected to the Austrian empire.

Today the market serves a wide variety of different purposes, serving not only the local residents of the area who come here to do their daily food shopping, but also visitors from around the globe who come to enjoy the main sights and sounds of the market.


Fruits stall, cheese shop, and olives shop


Seafood stall


They have a lot of exotics fruits on display such as Mangosteen, kumquat, dragon fruit, Passion fruit etc...


They even have tamarind and Star fruits.





Herbal tea 


Lots of varieties of Herbal tea.


Walking around and checking out all the stores and restaurants..



We spotted a nice coffe shop on the left and decided to stop by for some refeshments.

This is the name of the coffee Do-An- sounding almost like a Vietnamese restaurant.


Tea with herbal infusions for refreshment



The bar is really cute. 




Next....MuseumsQuartier Wien/Volksgarten Park




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin