2 days inVienna-07/24-7/26/2018

Tour of the neighborhood, Vienna-9/25/2018

Day2-St. Peter's Church

The first St. Peter's church (Pewterskirche) was founded in the second half of the fourth century, on the site where the current church is located. It belonged to the old Roman settlement of Vindobona. The church was torn down and rebuilt between 1701 and 1733 and dedicated to St. Peter.


Today it is one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in Vienna. In addition to the elegant main sanctuary the church also hosts concerts in the crypt below the main level.


A mass is going to start and a lot of people are attending.

The interior is sumptuous and the Baroque high altar was created by Antonio Galli Bibiena .


The interior contains much notable artwork from the early 18th century, including frescoes, gilded carved wood and altarpieces.


Beautiful church!


The altarpiece portrays the Healing of the Lame by St. Peter and St. John in Jerusalem.

People are waiting for the priests to come out for a mass.


Priests conducting a mass



Art work inside the church.


The heart's of Mary painting.


The dome is above


Fresco by J. M. Rottmayr depicting the Coronation of the Virgin.



Details of the dome's frescoes


Danube River

Here is a map of the Danube river across Europe.  We have seen in Hungary now we are going to see in Vienna.


The Danube running through the city of Vienna






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