Holiday party at the Vu's 12/7/08

The set up

The Guests



The set up

This year Doan and Tuan are co-hosting their Holidays cheers Party with Phuc and Huyen.  Phuc originally went to Safeway to get some sandwiches and ended up with 27 Boned-in Rancher Reserved New York steaks, enough to feed a crowd, and the butcher specified that the steaks must be cooked by this weekend for their optimum freshness!  In any case Phuc needed help with the steaks so here we are!  As you know by now, the whole gang (kids included) never say 'No" to Phuc's steak.

This is a win win situation for everyone!  Doan is the queen of set up/Decorating and Phuc is the king of Steaks! This is just a perfect combination for a great party!


We can always count on Doan for a tastefully, beautiful and festive tablescape which put us right a way in the mood for a holiday party!

Beautiful and glittering center piece.


Close up at the settings.  Doan put a lot of love and attention to the set up and it shows. 

All the ladies also received a nice gift individually wrapped with a personal little note.


The table for the kids

The kids also receive the royal treatment. Their table is also nicely set up with beautiful ornaments to reflect the Holidays' spirit.


Centerpiece for the kid's table

Gorgeous Christmas tree!

The Appetizers table


Champagne flute ready to filled!

Fruits trays and cheese tray

Shrimp cocktail

Smoked Salmon Lox with crackers.

Asparagus salad and in the back ground a cheese dip tray.

Doan also served Caviar!  The kids went wild on the caviar.  I think they ate at least half of it! 

The kids definitely know how to eat!

Setting up the caviar in a special glass bowl on a bed of crushed ice.  Silver and metal bowls and utensils should be avoided due to oxidation, which may impart a metallic taste to the caviar. Classically, a mother-of-pearl or gold spoon might be used, but you can use horn, wood or glass. Plastic would be gauche. 

Garnish plate with chopped red onions and chopped hard cooled eggs, crème frâiche will go in the middle of the bowl. 

Caviar is also great with Champagne or a straight shot of the finest frozen vodka.


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