Golden anniversary (50th) -8/30/08

The set up

The guests

The Ceremony



The set up

Tonight we are celebrating Doan's parents 50th Golden anniversary.

The Party is set in Doan's and Tuan's Backyard. 

The first thing you see as you enter the house is the greeting tableLater on Name tags, Maps and program pamphlets will be displayed on the table for guests to know their table assignment.

Doan making sure everything is set up correctly.

Elise cutting and tying ribbons on the plates while Thuy is making sure the table is set properly.


Tuan fixing the curtains... This the podium where Doan's parents will renew their vows.

Maily baked and decorated the 4 layers cake.  Here she is putting the cake together.

The cake was just gorgeous!

There are a total of 13 tables.  The live band is on the right hand side corner.

Closer look at the table arrangement. 

Flowers arrangement on the table.


Plate setting


Next... The arrival of the guest



Our house


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