Tennis Championship BBQ- 9/23/06

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The Guests

Tonight we are celebration the victory of Duy and Hanh vs. Tuan Ngo and Phuc. After three long months of battling on the tennis court, I am sure all of the contestants were very happy that the competition is finally over.  No more stress, no more letting down your partner and above all no more pressure to perform!

 The high light of the tennis tournament is the BBQ at the Ngo's.  This is not your regular hamburger and hot dog BBQ!  Tonight on the menu is the much anticipated Kobe Beef (1st time for many of us) and Caviar.

Tuan finished building his deck and the BBQ unit specially for this occasion.  He worked on it night and day for months and the result is very impressive.  Perhaps he can quit his day time job and become a contractor? 

On the counter we have caviar and crab dip.

Yes, Tuan built by himself the bar (brick by brick), the deck, the railing around the deck and the pillars. Isn't it amazing?

Thuy, Duy and I were the first guests to arrive.

Needless to say we did not waste any time to try out the caviar!

Served on Blini (small buckwheat pancakes that originally come from Russia) or Crackers with chopped boiled egg yolk, chopped red onion, a doll up of Crème fraîche, a little caviar on top with a squeeze of fresh lime... EXQUISITE!

Spoon made of Mother Pearl were used to scoop the caviar in order to preserve the natural taste of caviar.

The table is set up and is ready for the guests! By the way, in the background you can see the gazebo which was also built by Tuan.  I am telling you the guys is talented!



Here we are putting together the shrimp and crab toast prepared by Thuy.  

A few minutes in the oven and voilà it is a yummy appetizer.

Tuan  gave us a few options to savor the caviar.  On a Blini or on Crackers.  After a few samplings,  I like my caviar on Crackers much better.  A little crunch combine with the smoothness of the Crème fraîche, a hint of freshness from the lime and letting the caviar grains burst open in your mouth to release their delicate flavor..

Pure heaven!


The ladies mingling around the bar area.

Nice picture of Doan, Thuy and Tuan..

Huyen and Phuc in their coordinate outfit.

Pale rose for her and deeper pink for him.


Looks like everyone is having a good time!


Tuyen Anh, Doan, Me, Mai-Anh , Mai-Ly, Hanh, Huyen and Thuy

Mai-Anh, Jude and Kai made a special trip from Truckee to attend this BBQ. 

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