Hoa' s birthday at Fringale, San Francisco- 5/18/13

Fringale The food Celebrating w. friends

The food

Bread and butter.

The bread was actually very good and it does not even needed to be warm,

The crust was crunchy and very tasty.

Hoa ordered a glass of Grgich Merlot and ended ordering another glass during the meal. 

I ordered the special of the day - creamy corn soup.

My soup was good but it was not outstanding but I enjoyed it as it was sweet and light.


Hoa ordered the Spicy Monterey calamari "a la plancha" made with jalapenos, chorizo, piment d'Espelette & olives.

"A la plancha" refers to the method of cooking on a metal plate, in this case a cast iron skillet.


Wow this dish is really good!  The calamari has a nice Smokey flavor, the meat was sweet, a bit spicy, add simply amazing!
Hoa and I we thought that the portion are really generous here!  The dish is huge for an appetizer.


Yep, we finished it all...Nothing much left that's for sure.


For my main dish I selected the seared magret de canard with green & red cabbage, griottes (sour cherry) and port wine sauce.

A magret de canard is the breast of a Moulard duck and the breast is extremely thick and have a much beefier taste than ordinary duck breasts. Magrets are like steaks, they should be served rare, but unlike beef they are often served with a slightly sweet and sour sauce and/or fruit, to counteract the natural fattiness of the meat


Again the portion is huge!  This place is great is you have a great appetite.

The duck was cooked to my liking and the sauce is also very good, perfectly balanced between sweet and salty.



Close look at the magret de canard.

Of course the portion was so big and I could only eat only about and took home the leftover.

Hoa selected the roasted rack of lamb with gruyere potato gratin, haricots verts and rosemary sauce.

We like our meat on the rare side and it is exactly what we got.

The roasted lamb was extraordinary good! They must have a special oven because the outside of the lamb was seared and has a nice caramelized crust an had a very nice flavor while the inside is pink as we specify!  Excellent sauce too!  The Gruyere potato is also to die for.

Big cheer!

After our meal we ordered coffee to go with the dessert.

Their coffee is strong, very hot (that's how I like it) and very good.

We are now coming to the most important part of the evening now...

Candle is lit and it is time to wish Hoa a Happy birthday!

Hoa blowing the candle.



Time to eat our flourless chocolate cake topped with ice cream and drizzled with Crème Anglaise and raspberry sauce.

It was so good we finished the whole thing!

Time to wind down and finishing our coffee.

By the way, all the waiters in this restaurants are French and because we spoke French they gave us a "bien soigné" service.  Basically they took really good care of us.

Excellent service, reasonably priced, we enjoyed our food and we will definitely come back again. I asked if we could come back with our group for dinning and they said they can sit a large group of 12 in one table which is perfect.

If you want to dine here, call ahead of time they are very busy




570 4th street, San Francisco

415 543 0573



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