New year party at the Westin Hotel in Santa Clara


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Cocktail Hours

Doan's family and our family decided to rent two rooms at the Westin hotel so all of us could get together for a cocktail party before the New Year's party located on the second floor of the Westin. 


Phuc is opening a bottle of his fine wine... we called him the "sommelier" as he is very knowledgeable about wine and he always bring the best wine!!!  (lucky us)

We have a good view of the appetizers (sushi, shrimps cocktail, assortment of cheese) and best of all champagne and lots of good wine.

Mai-Ly, Ha, Huyen, Doan and I starting the cocktail party with a good glass of champagne and then we will move on to wine and appetizers.


Trung and Ha

Phuc and Huyen


Tuan and Mai-Ly


Hoa and I

Tuand and Doan


Thuy and Duy


Last picture in the room before heading down to the second floor to commence the New year party.


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