Appreciation dinner- 3/10/12

The set up

The food

Behind the scene

While all our guests are sitting down here is a quick glimpse at the kitchen in action!

1-AMUSE BOUCHE: Arpège egg

The eggs are in a large pot of barely simmering water to keep them warm but not enough to cook them.  The eggs should be still runny but warm.

First I am putting the warm egg on an egg holder and I am starting to plate them by adding salt, pepper, and chives.


Adding whipped cream inside each egg.

Adding a drizzle of Maple syrup on top, and adding a few chopped chives for color..

They are ready to be served.


2-Appetizer: Crab Mayo with avocado served with crab toast

Platting the 2nd course... Avocado layer, then a layer of crab...

Adding a spoonful of salmon row to spike the dish a bit.

The crab toast are freshly out of the oven and are piping hot!

Combining the crab purée and the crab toast together and they are ready to be served.


3-Crab chowder with corn purée



Time to plate the soup!

Crab meat are spooned into each bowl.

Next, a spoon of corn purée is added into the bowl, a bit of chopped parley on top and then bowl is brought to the table.

The soup is poured into each individual bowl on the table so that my guests can see the corn purée and the crab meat!


4- Pan seared Foie gras with balsamic vinegar reduction & sautéed blueberries

The foie Gras are seared and are now divided into each plate.

A spoon of sautéed blueberries are added next to the Foie Gras.

A bit of Balsamic vinegar reductions is drizzled on top and a bit of chives are added and voila the dish is ready.

Ha is helping me in the kitchen.

Remember I have to plate 16 individual portion... Yes, it is a lot and I am not a professional!


5- Crispy pork belly with quail stock reduction, sautéed squid tentacles with Basquaise sauce, and Spaghetti carbonara.

Deep frying the pork belly!

They are now resting on a tray lined with paper towel to soak up the extra oil from the frying pan.

The squids are sautéed and I am adding them on top of a spoon of Basquaise sauce, adding a bit of spaghetti Carbonara, and of course the piece of resistance the crispy pork belly.


Close look at the dish once it is brought out to the dinning table.

6- Chartreuse of quail

Cooking the quail drumsticks.

Removing the ramekins from the oven.


Un-molding the ramekin into a plate.

Adding a bit of sauce around the Chartreuse.


And voila this is the final presentation of the plate!


We finally arrived at the end of the meal!  It was a successful evening with lots of food,....we have difficulty eating the last course because we were just too full.

Not a problem, the leftovers can be packed and take home.  Leftovers always taste better the next day!

Until the next meal!

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