Italian Chef's Tasting Menu - 2/29/13

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  Since Kevin left for college we tried to spend our birthdays with him by going to Irvine.  This year we drove down to Los Angeles and dine at Ink so we can celebrate my birthday with Kevin.  Since we were not home for my birthday, our friends took this occasion to bring me gifts (that's pretty nice)!

Opening the first gift from Maily!
It is a set of 4 beautiful Japanese coffee/tea/soup with assorted plates. 

She was telling me she wanted to buy me a total of 12 but the store only had 8!


Looking again in the bag she brought since I only opened the 1st box.


Here we are all checking out the second set! 


Huyen and Phuc gave me a beautiful pair of glasses from Tiffany!



Trying on the new pair of glasses!


Opening the gift from Loan and Minh!


Beautiful necklace from Coach!

Hanh and Tuan gave a whole range of products for hair and skin!

What can I say.. I am pretty lucky to have great friends!

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