Dinner and cake tasting-10/30/2021

Table set up 6 course tasting menu and cake tasting Our Guests In the kitchen

Table set up

Kristie and Kevin's wedding is in less than a month and I am in charge of getting desserts for the reception party.  Kristie and Kevin did not want a traditional wedding cake so I suggested getting a bunch of individual cakes, pastries, etc..

Tonight I am inviting our friends and family to come over for dinner and then having a cake tasting afterwards.


I always decorate my hallway with seasonal theme so now that Fall is here and I am bringing out the decorations with lots of yellows and brown.


Table is set up for 17 people


Table overview


I brought out my colorful plates to create a fun mood...



Doan and Tuan went shopping at Stanford and they saw this arrangement at Anthropology.  Doan really like it and so they bought it for us.

What a lovely arrangement.


I decided to use pine branches as the main theme and added white roses and bring pink flowers and the funny thing is, it went perfectly with Doan's arrangement.


These 2 large arrangements were supposed to be the centerpiece but now they are on my kitchen island.



Main centerpiece.


Side view of the centerpiece.


Table overview




Individual platting set up with Menu


Fall 6 course seasonal tasting menu


Close look at the menu


On the left is the front of the menu and on the right is the Menu



The back of the menu


Pitchers of water.


Set up for the desserts


We are going to have a bunch of different type of desserts so I have to spread it out.


Close look at the main display


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