French theme dinner with wine Pairing-7/13/13

   Food & wine In the kitchen

Preparation work in the Kitchen

While all our guests are sitting down for dinner I am in the kitchen platting the dishes... Here are pictures behind the scene.

Putting the first course together. 

Salmon tartar is placed on a piece of lettuce and then a topped with a poached quail egg.

then I added a bit a bacon bits for a crunch.

Next, Bacon & egg is reheated in beurre monté (melted butter that remains emulsified) with a brunoise (diced cut carrot, turnip, leek) then topped with crispy bacon bits.


Setting up the beef tartar with fresh beef that is freshly hand-chopped at the very last minute.


Adding chopped onion on top of the steak and on the side I am adding chopped cornichon, parsley, and caper.

Topping the beef tartar with a quail egg.  Adding ice on the glass containers so that once the beef tartar is mixed it is staying cold.

Final presentation of the dish by adding fried lotus root, and chips.


Mixing the vinaigrette over the asparagus....


Platting the 5 hours slow roasted tomatoes on a plate...

Frying the shrimp croquettes...



adding the shrimp croquette on top of the roasted tomatoes, adding the asparagus, corn, and tomato salad, and then drizzling the plate with an asparagus & basil vinaigrette sauce.

Final presentation of the dish.


Here I am pan searing the Foie Gras.  The pan has to be extra hot in order for the Foie Gras to get a nice caramelized top.


Draining the foie Gras on paper towel to remove the extra fat.

Plating the Foie gras with sautéed  blueberry in brown sugar and butter.

Drizzling the Foie Gras with a balsamic reduction sauce and this is the final presentation of the dish.


Patting the trout!  The trout are pan seared until the skin is crispy.

Adding the sautéed haricots verts and almond in brown butter sauce on top of the trout and then I just squeeze a bit of fresh lemon juice on top.


Final presentation of the trout.

Cooking the duck breast on the stove.


Here I am checking for doneness by pressing on top.

On the stove I am also slowly cooking the potatoes with caramelized onions then at the end I just add a splash of cream.


Adding a bit of a vegetable balsamic sauce to the duck breast and this is the final presentation of the dish.


Until the next meal!

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