Dinner with friends -3/19/2022

Table set up 8 course menu Prep work/Platting


Spring is here, the trees are greener, flowers are blooming, the days are longer and brighter and it is a perfect time for a get together with friends around a convivial table.

 Tonight we are having a nice sit down dinner and I have to get ready...

Setting up the table for 14 people.


I wanted a tablescape that feels like Spring so I used light gray with green leaves motifs tablecloth, gray napkins, and white plate with silver accent.


Menu and name tags are printed for seat assignment.


Individual plate setting with personalized name tag.


Table overview.


Close look at the menu.


The weather is getting warmer and all the beautiful flowers are blooming.  I got an assortment of flowers and arranged them in a bunch of small vases.


Joelle bought some beautiful roses.


I was able to arrange 8 small vases for the dinning table.



Our guests are starting to arrive....


Champagne flutes are on the counter.... 


Starting the evening with a glass of champagne for everyone.


Looks like Maily, Joelle, Helena and Phu are having a fun conversation...


Making a few Old fashion for the group... Hoa and Michael are big fan of an Old fashion.



Gin, Whisky, red wine, and port on the counter...


Phu brought 3 types of port but we only opened the one of the right "Quinta do Noval 2000).


White wine.  Funny that they are from the same region "Saint Aubin" and they are from Tuan/Hand and Michael/Joelle.

Saint-Aubin Le charmoix, 1er cru 2015 from Tuan/Hanh

Domaine de meix, Saint-Aubin, 1er cru 2015, les murgers des dents du chien from Joelle/Michael


Mark and Alice brought 2 bottles of Nihon no Tsubasa (Wings of Japan) Junmai Daiginjo. 

This sake has been served at many important events, such as the State Dinner when United States former President Bill Clinton visited Japan in 1996.
Won Grand Prix at the International Sake Festival in London in 2000; Won Award of Excellence at TEXSOM International Wine Awards in 2016


Pahlmeyer 2017 is our go to red wine and Hoa always have a few bottles stashed away for a good occasion.




Whiskey, port, and champagne.


Between 14 people, we managed to drink 10 bottles of wine ( 2 champagne, 4 white wine, 2 red wine, and 2 sake) and a bottle of Port during the evening.


Time to sit down for dinner..


Hoa is serving white wine, and Diego (our helper) is bringing out the 1st course.


1st row, from left to right:  Thomas, Maily, Michael, Joelle, Cindy and Joseph

2nd row from left to right: Hoa, Mark, Alice, Phu, Helena, Tuan, and Hanh


Cheers!  Let's start the meal



Next... 8 course dinner


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