Dinner with Friends- 6/13/2009

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I am not sure who asked the question: "So what is the occasion for this party?" The answer is simple!  We do not need an occasion to have a party!  Every Saturday is a party so it seems! We enjoy good food, good company and good wine and we would not want to deprive ourselves of a good life so what do we do?... We get together and enjoy life.

Tonight I am having a crowd of 18 people over for a sit down dinner.  The group is getter larger by the second and pretty soon we will to buy a new house like Phuc and Huyen to be able to host a party with all of our friends!      

When I woke up this morning the sky was gray and dark and it  was also sprinkling so I thought to myself, there goes my plan for welcoming the group in our backyard to sample some appetizers and have a few cocktails... To my surprise by 4:00Pm the sun came out and my  backyard became the perfect spot to greet our guests!  Talking about having some cooperation from the weather!  

To wet everyone appetite I served raw oysters.  We bought 54 oysters and Hoa was shucking about 40 oysters and then he decided that he had enough and refuse to shuck the remaining oysters.  Kelvin was kind enough and came to the rescue by shucking the remaining oysters. 

I also served Salmon tartare cornets, recipe from the French Laundry.

This is a fancy appetizer, it is pretty good but it does not justify the amount of time I spent making it.  This is one recipe in my repertoire that I probably will only make it once.

Here the group is sampling a large tray of raw oysters and the Salmon Tartare Cornets.  

The oysters are so fresh and they were pretty good!  Too bad the store do not shuck oysters for us because we could have eaten some more but it is just too much work to open them.



The group enjoying the appetizers and the weather was so perfect to sit outside,  we did not even need a sweater!


Duy, Thuy and Ha

Hanh, Tuan, Doan and Huyen

Dung, Phuong, Dung and Maily

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