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Salmon tartare Cornets -6/13/09

A few years ago we went to the French Laundry and had this Salmon tartare Cornets for appetizers.  I remember the cornets to be so appetizing that I wanted to try out this recipe for the party we are having tonight.  I read and re-read the recipe many times and it looks pretty straight forward but as I was tackling the batter for the cornets I realized that this is not an easy task. Making the correct thickness of the batter, rolling the cornets were a challenging task but in the end I am happy with the outcome with the appetizer but I probably will not make it again because it just consumes too much of my time (a good 90 minutes to make this dish).

I inserted the cornets inside tall shot glass and I have to say the presentation looked pretty nice.


The cornets turned out to be very tasty! The salmon tartare and the crème fraiche did go very well together.

Closer look at the cornets.



Preparation work..

Salmon is cut into thin slices and then chopped.

Mixing the chopped Salmon with chives, minced shallots, salt, and olive oil.  Once it is well mixed the salmon is refrigerated until ready to be served.


Making the batter by putting the butter into a food processor until the butter is smooth.

Adding 2 egg whites to the butter and zapped until smooth.


Adding the flour to the mixture.

Again zapping until the whole thing is smooth. 


I have to create a 4" round stencil, I placed the stencil onto a Silpat and spread the batter using an offset spatula.

Black sesame seeds are sprinkle on top to the batter.  I can only make 6 at the time.


The tray goes in the oven for 4 minutes and then it is removed from the oven to be shaped as a cornet.

This the most difficult task is to roll the batter into a cornet.  It took be a while to master this task.  The batter was so hot so you have to use your hands most of the time to roll it.  The spatula helps but it is necessary to use your hands.  I think I was swear out loud a few time because the cornets was so hot to handle and I was feeling the heat. 

Here is when the cornet is completely rolled up.  The next step is to put it back into the over so it can continue to bake a bit longer

The cornets are now coming out of the oven and are now golden brown.

A tray full of cornet and ready to be filled.

whipping the crème fraiche until soft peak and adding some chopped red onion and salt. 

To serve the cornet, I take a cornet, filled it up with crème fraiche first and then filled the top with a nice doll up of Salmon Tartare.

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