Holiday Dinner with Kevin & Kristie's friends-12/27/2022

Table set up/Guests Tasting Menu

We told Kevin and Kristie that we wanted to invite their friends over for a nice sit down dinner. We have known most of them as a teenagers in high school and we thought it would be wonderful to have dinner with them as young adults.

A festive table is set up for the occasion.



Closer view of the table set up.


Tonight I will be serving a 7 course tasting menu and 2 desserts.


Christmas decoration on my kitchen's island.


Ian, Larry, and Andrew stopped by early.


Andrew in the center was friend with Kevin since kinder garden.


Lively conversations...


Kevin, Ian, Larry, Kristie, and Andrew.


Picture with Millie and George while waiting for all the guests to arrive.


It is 6:30Pm and all the guests are here.




Group picture with Millie smiling

First row: Brian, Sarah, Kathy, Peter, Gillie, Nicole, Kristie. Kevin and Larry.

In the back: Julian, Andrew, and Ian.


Sitting down for dinner.



In the Kitchen

While all the guests are sitting down, I am in the kitchen platting each course.


Platting the hamachi dish.


Adding flowers to each pan seared Foie gras dish.


Next.... Tasting Menu

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