- at home - 5/23/2015

Table set up Dinner The kitchen

The genesis of this dinner stemmed from Hoa and I not being able to get a reservation at Trois Mec (French slang for 3 dudes).  Trois Mec is Ludo (short for Ludovic) Lefebvre first restaurant in L.A., partnering with the Animal guys (Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo) which we had the chance to dine last year. 

I planned a month ahead, marked my calendar so I could log in to reserve a table, and by the time the website opened for reservation all the tables were already sold out within the first 15 minutes.  Needless to say I was not fast enough and ended up without a reservation (big sight).   A week before going to L.A., Trois Mec was nominated for “Best new U.S. Restaurant by the James Beard Foundation so it is even more difficult now to get a reservation.  Clink on LINK to see a tour of the restaurant.

Ludo is known for for the king of "Pop -Up" restaurant which he named it LudoBites and totally revolutionize the culinary industry.   What is a Pop-Up restaurant?  Pop-Up:is an impromptu supper club, where a chef opens up a limited-run restaurant, often held in warehouses, storefronts and, in some cases, another restaurant.  Time Magazine dubbed Ludo as "chef of the future"- Click on LINK to see the article.  Beside being a chef Ludo also appeared in a few episodes with Tony Bourdain in No Reservations, he was also a judge on the “taste” on ABC which he co-host with Tony and Nigela Lawson.


Basically I am frustrated for not being able to eat at Trois Mec so I decided I am going to cook it myself using recipes in his cookbook: Ludobites!   The good news is since I am cooking, my friends will be treated to a fabulous meal!

Table set-up

On the left is Ludo's cookbook: Ludo Bites.

The menu and name tags are printed out for our guests tonight.


Table is set up.


Glassware for red wine, white wine, and water are brought out and candles are lit.


All flowers used are from out garden.


Centerpiece with tall vase.

Colorful assortment of flowers.

This is really beautiful! The colors are so vibrant.


Table is set up

Seating is assigned with name tags.

Since spring is in the air, I brought out my floral china set.


Close look at name tags.


More views of the table.


Our guests are here and we are seating down for dinner.


Front and back on Menu

Tonight I will be serving 5 dishes and 2 desserts. At the last minutes I added the foie gras croquette which is not listed on the menu.

From left to right: Ha, Loan, Huyen, Hanh, Me, and Maily.


Phuc and Minh-first row

Hoa, Trung, Tuan and Tuan -2nd row




Our house


Photo Gallery

 Mon  petit coin