Chef's Tasting menu - 11-19-2022

Chef's tasting menu Behind the scene

Behind the scene

When I have multicourse menu I usually hire Diego to come and help me plate and do all the dishes.

Platting the roasted asparagus and crab toasties.


Diego helping me plate the asparagus on all the plates.


Rearranging a few things on the plate before serving.


Final presentation.


Next, I am using a ring to spread out my avocado/tomato mixture.


Next, the Hamachi is resting on top of a bed of avocado/tomato and the ponzu sauce is drizzled over it.


The soufflé is in the steamer and then transferred to a plate.  Sautéed mushrooms are added to the plate.


I brought out the plate to the table and then the mushroom soup is poured at the table.


First layer is the beet essence sauce and then the leeks go on top of the sauce.


Next the butter poached lobster tail is added and the pommes Maxim is resting on top.  On the side is a piece of roasted beet drizzled in melted butter.


This dish is so intricate with so many components but I really like how it came out.


Final presentation


Platting the pasta dish.


I told Diego to put just a small portion on each bowl as we are getting full.

I braised the short ribs a day ahead so it was really easy to put this dish together.


Final presentation.


The duck breasts are pan seared and it is now resting.


While the duck breast is resting,  I am platting but starting with the mushroom sauce.


Next, sautéed mushrooms are put on top of the sauce.  Cutting the duck breast in small portions.


Adding the duck breast to the plate.


Final presentation.

We were too busy so there are no pictures of how the desserts were served.



Until the next meal!

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