Spring Dinner featuring local produce-4/3/2021
Table setting The Food Platting/Behind the scene

Table setting

This winter has been pretty mild but I am always looking forward to Spring when the sun is warmer and all the flowers, plants are coming back to life.   If you look around you will see colorful wild flowers coming out, lots of blossoms on trees, the hills are green again, and there is definitely a change in the season. Spring has sprung and it is time to celebrate the hope and joy of a new beginning and also hooray for fresh seasonal produce which is exactly the inspiration for this dinner.

I wanted to set up the table with bring colors so I brought out my cheery yellow plates for a splash of colors.


I wanted a bit of contrast so I used a blue and white table clothes with spring motifs.


Basically, I am using mostly yellow and blue to make the table looks cheerful.


Table overview.


I love daffodils and they so bright and cheery.  The Calla lilies (white) are from our garden.


Centerpiece with white roses and white lilies.


I printed an individual menu for each couple.  This is the front of the menu.


The back of the menu.


The guests are starting to arrive....


New outdoor furniture in our garden.


Our guests mingling around the Kitchen island waiting for all the guests to arrive.


from left: Ha, Trung, Huyen, Phu, Mark, Alice, Hoa, Minh, and Loan.




A quick selfie for posterity!


Champagne and wine we drank during the evening.


Closer look...



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