Winter Wonderland-White elephant gift exchange-1/25/2014

Set up The food Gift exchange Behind the scene

Trying to organize a gift exchange party last December (2013) was an impossible task!   With Hoa gone for 2 weeks on a business trip and our friends having previous engagements, and corporate event to attend, I could not make it work in December.  I had to postpone it to January which in a way is a lot more relaxing and enjoyable once the Holidays are over.  I found out the hard way that even after the Holidays finding a Saturday that work for everybody was still difficult but in the end we all agreed on the last Saturday in January. 

This year I promised everyone to have a lavish and decadent dinner party with a "Winter Wonderland" theme.  When I think of winter, I imagine a landscape after a heavy snowfall where everything is buried under blanket of white snow, and as some miracle a few rays of sunshine are peaking out of heavy clouds to hit the ground and creating gorgeous sparkles.  With that image in mind I try to represent the snow by using a lot of white and dazzling silver accents to transform my dinning table into a veritable winter wonderland.  Living in California we do not get the chance to experience the snow during the holiday season so tonight I am creating my own interpretation of a winter's scene with snow flakes dangling from my ceiling in the hope of giving out an impression of dinning al fresco but inside the warm, coziness, and comfort of our home!

The Set up

Piece by piece starting with a white tablecloth and then building on top of that until I get a luxurious and festive look.

White is the main color since it is suppose to represent winter and snow.

In the center of the table I set up a blue/white runner, decorated with pine branches, and sparkling silver leaves.   Then on top I incorporated a bunch of vases in different sizes and shapes and filled them with white flowers.  I also included a lot of candles throughout the table.


Individual menu cards and name tags are printed out with the Winter Wonderland theme in mind.

Crystal water goblets, red and white wine glasses are brought out for the special occasion.

Dangling shimmering snow flakes from the ceiling to create the impression that we are dinning while it is snowing.


Table overview.


I added a lot of shinny silver decorations to make it pop.



Special winter plates are brought to complete the winter theme decoration.

Close look at the menu

Dessert menu in the back.

Name tags for our guests.


Table Centerpiece.

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