Winter Wonderland -/ 1/09/2021

Table decoration The food

Table decoration

When the holidays are over, I usually put away all of my Christmas decorations and usually replaced them with white/silver decorations as a continuation of winter.

Once I finished the decoration in my hall way, I felt inspired and e-mailed my friend to join us for a Winter Wonderland dinner theme featuring the dishes from the French Laundry.

Inspiration comes in different form and shape and this dinner is exactly how the idea of cooking this dinner came about just by decorating my cupboard.


There is no snow where we are, so I am trying to capture the feel of winter by using mostly white, silver, and a bit of greenery and a little of sparkle to welcome our friends.


Table is set up!


 I am trying to get our friends into a festive spirit by incorporation fun decorations, candles, and multiple centerpieces in the hope to create the feel of a snow-swept landscape with some greenery popping out under the snow.


I used white tablecloth to represent the color of the snow.  Next, I used different type of pine tree branches (some are fake and some are real), then I added a bunch of silver vases in different height, blue vases for a bit of color and lots of sparkling silver pine cones and decorating items.


Table overview that hopefully will give the inspiration of the magic of winter but in the warm of our home.


The two main colors I used is green and blue and they are reflected in the plate settings.


Close look at a few centerpieces.


To make it colorful and also fun, I threw in some colorful jewels and kidding our friends not to pocket them!



The front of the menu


Front and back of the menu

Close view of a plate setting.


Clove view are more centerpieces.

Still more centerpieces...


...and more centerpieces,  Trying to make them all different.


Table is ready and we are waiting for our friends to get here.


We had too much fun that we forgot to take pictures of the wine before we opened them.

Here are all the wine we drank during this evening.


2 bottles of white wine

2 bottle of Champagne



And 2 bottle of red wine.


Heating up the bread...


Loan went to San Francisco to buy this special salted butter (really delicious.


Next..The food 

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