Bo Innovation , Hong Kong- 4/11/13

Bo Innovation

7 course appetizers

Main course and Dessert

Main Dish

Patrick and I we selected the Suckling pig for our main entree and let me tell we definitely made the right choice!

The Suckling Pig has a crunchy skin with a right combination of fat and meat! Each bite is like tasting heaven!

Again the honey peas are served with the suckling pig.  I love these peas they are so sweet!  The apple slice did not add much to the dish but I this time I only care for my tasty suckling pig.  The sauce is called Sichuan but I don't have much recollection of it... the suckling pig is the star of the dish and nothing else exist!

AMAZING! I raise my eyebrows in sheer delight with every single bite!


Gave Hoa a bit then after tasting it he said to give him more because it was so tasty!

Hoa selected the langoustine with English mustard, salty egg, cauliflower, black truffles, duck jus.

Beautiful presentation!


The langoustine was well cooked and contrasted well with the cauliflower foam on top.  The duck sauce and English mustard/salty egg (a typical Chinese food) was very tasty and really work well together.  The grainy black truffle was very good with an incredibly intense flavor.



Baijiu - Chocolate, banana toffee, lemon curd "shui jing fang" tonic

The dessert was served on a King's bed!

We came full circle now!  Starting with the Moa Tai sour as our first appetizer and we are now ending with a dessert made with Moa tai liquor.

We started the meal with a King's cup and now we are ending it with a King's bed!

Both desserts were delicious!


The lemon curd tasted to my like a cheese cake!  very good and on top is Shui Jing fang ( a Chinese liquor) made into a disk.  It tasted like a flavorful jelly.

Hoa did not care much for dessert so Patrick and I we help out Hoa and finished his portion!


Petit Dim Sum- Eight treasures


We are coming to end of our meal...and lastly, the 8 treasure dim sum were brought out in a nice bird cage (remember they were hanging on the ceiling in the kitchen?)

Talking about indulgence, we were served 8 different types of desserts ! Six of them were perched nicely inside a bird cage of the other two are served in a bamboo steamer just like dim sum.

Inside the cage on the top tier from L-R: a Rose macaron with lychee and white chocolate filling,  a lotus seed ball filled with chocolate, behind the sesame ball is a red date marshmallow,  and a mandarin peel chocolate truffle.

In the bottom in a Chrysanthemum Crème brûlée and molecular dragon eye syrup with coconut sphere.


Fluffy osmanthus (herbal tea) steamed sponge cake and blue cheese crystal bun

Close look at the Jasmine Crème brûlée and molecular dragon eye syrup with coconut sphere.

For Dessert they brought out a special menu listing all the individual desserts.

Here our waitress is explaining each dessert.

All the desserts are based on the eight treasure tea (seen below).

We also asked her what happen if there is only person eating would she serve the same amount for a person or multiple people? She explained that the same portion is served for a party of 1 or 4.  The exception is for a party of 2, 3, or 4 she will bring more dessert by request!  Since there are so many variety they don't want to waste the food by bringing 3 portions for us!

Right away we requested her to bring the 2 more molecular dragon eye syrup with coconut sphere.


The eight treasure petit Dim sum is based on the concept of the Chinese 8 treasures tea made of Chrysanthemum Flower, osmanthus, Rose Flower, Organic Green Teabag, Red Date Fruit, Wolfberry, Medlar Pome Fruit, Rock Sugar (ingredients might vary depending on where you buy the tea).

Here she is pointing out all the ingredients.

Chinese 8 treasures tea ingredients.


This is our extra portion we requested! We were so full so we could not even finish all the desserts.

Overall we all enjoyed the molecular dragon eye syrup with coconut sphere the most because it was so different.  All the other desserts were good but like Patrick said it was not exciting enough compare with the coconut sphere! 


I usually try not to go to fusion food because I always come out so disappointed!  It is not the case here at Bo Innovation.  The three of us gave a big thumb up and we really enjoy our dinning experience there.  All the waiters that served us were very knowledgeable of the food!  You can ask them anything and they know the answer.

The service was also excellent so overall I highly recommend Bo Innovation - Try it out the next time you are in Hong Kong!

Bo Innovation is pricey but remember it is a 2 Michelin stars and taken every thing in consideration we had a unique dinning experience worth every penny!
The tasting menu is about H$ 1,000 (including tax) = $128 + wine


It all started with watching Tony's trip to HongKong - Click on LINK to see clip.
I am ending our experience with Tony Bourdain's comment after the meal: “An incredible meal. Maybe it takes a dark eminence like Alvin to break new ground, to make a mark in a city where great food is a birthright and almost taken for granted.”



Bo Innovation:

J Residence - 60 Johnston Rd, Hong Kong ( it is located on the side entrance and not on the main street)
+852 2850 8371



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