Esperpento restaurant in San Francisco -4/18/10

Esperpento restaurant is located in the mission district in San Francisco.  Mission district has less expensive housing, commercial space, and the high density of restaurants and drinking establishments is a magnet for young people with limited spending budget.  Restaurants in this area are usually affordable because the rent is lower.  This area is usually the hang out for a younger crowd and it is also very lively at night time.

Ha and Trung discovered this restaurant and they really like it!  Per their recommendation we are giving this restaurant a try.    Esperpento specialize in Spain cuisine and Tapas. This place is always so crowded and it is impossible to get in without waiting at least from 30 minutes to 1 hour without reservation.  We made reservation for 17 and were able to get in right away.



The front of the restaurant.



This is not a fancy place but it is very charming!

The cover of their menu 

Here the group!  This picture were taken by Nicky!  

Nicky and Spencer were the only two kids to join us...


Only Maily and Nicky were able to join us for dinner.  Tuan was in Paris this week and could not return on time because of the volcano eruption in Iceland.

Me and Doan...

They set our group upstairs  with a few tables close by but basically we were in a very small space and we could make as much noise as we wanted!  

The walls are filled with Miro, Picasso, Dali and Spanish art. The restaurant has a nice warm tone, very casual and also very welcoming.

The boys... Tuan V., Hoa, Phuc and Tuan N.

Me, Doan and Thuy

Huyen, Duy and Tuan 

Next... Time to eat



Our house


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