3 days in Paris -08/1-8/4/2018

Fraīche , Paris - 8/2/2018

Fraīche (Fresh) is a small restaurant located in lively 10th arrondissement and it was recommended by one of our nephew.

The restaurant offers modern seasonal French cuisine, which evolves each month depending on the produce of the moment. Open concept kitchen, always a good sign of trust, everyone can see the chefs at work from the dinning area.  The dinning area has about 10-12 tables at most. 


Looks like there 3 stools at the counter but I don't think it was meant for customer to sit there and the waiter is constantly back and forth picking up the plates from the kitchen.

The chefs at work


As you get in the restaurant this is what you see.  Open kitchen at the far end. 

Our table is on the right at the corner (you see Hoa in this picture).


Tonight we are eating with Cang and George.  Happy bunch!


Minh, George, and Hoa


 Short menu utilizing fresh, local, and seasonal produce.

Wine paring is very reasonable at an additional 15 euros per person.

We all decided to go with the 5 course chef menu at 45 Euros per person.


The first dish a sea bream ceviche, citrus, avocado, pomegranate with sweet potato chips


Nice presentation, portion is pretty generous. Fresh fish, nice flavors and very refreshing.


View of our table with the 1st course.


The 2nd course is a velvety fresh pea ice cream, goat cheese with fresh herb with savory granola.


Another good looking dish using fresh produce!


Our waiter gave us instruction not to touch this dish as it is not complete yet. What also surprising is there is only one waiter taking care of the whole restaurant.  Perhaps slightly overwhelmed but dealing efficiently but alone with a full room of hungry clients.  I am in awe on how he could handle the restaurant just by himself.

Next he poured over a green soup made with peas & asparagus.


Wow, so delicious!  the croutons and granola gave a nice crunch and the cheese brought some richness and velvety element to the soup.


The 3rd dish is a stuffed squid ricotta and pine nuts, crushed peppers with Iberian chorizo.


Everything is fresh, tasty but the sauce is a bit on the rich side but still delicious.

The 4th course is a roasted veal, buckwheat, apples grape, asparagus and melted mimolette cheese

This is a copious portion!


Well cooked, nothing special but still a very dish.


The 5th and last course is an Orgeat panna cotta, fresh peach and basil sorbet.


It was so hot that this dessert was a blessing as it was served cold and it was so great way to cool us down.


Coffee to end the meal..


Warm Madeleines was also brought out, compliment of the house.


Group picture!


We were the last customers to leave the restaurant that evening.  We started around 9:00PM and we were probably done by 11:30Pm.

What you cannot see in this pictures is that Paris was hit with a heat wave so it was extremely hot! To make it worse the restaurant does not have any air conditioning, only a few fans blowing hot air around, we were sweating while eating and I think it did take down the dinning experience here. 

Reasonably priced, beautiful dishes, copious portion, very good service.  The food was fine so I think I will come back again and give it another try.


NEXT.... Dinner at la Regalade

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