Lazy Bear, San Francisco-8/16/2022

Table set up 10 course menu Dessert/Mignardise


Texture of Strawberries

Strawberries, elderflower, long Pepper

 Albion berries from Rodriguez farms is prepared in two ways to alter their textures. Some are grill, and some are frozen in liquid nitrogen and then shatter, holding the shattered berries in the freezer until serving, so they arrive at the table still frozen. Seascape strawberries from Yerena Farms are a perfect, cute little size and ripe texture.. That’s all sitting on a streusel-like butter cookie crumb for texture. Pate de fruits (fruit jellies) made with strawberry and rosé add a touch of acid and depth, and are dusted with burnt long pepper powder. Long pepper has a more floral and spiced character than black pepper, giving the dish a bit of heady, haunting complexity to balance out the sweetness.



Anchoring the dish is a strawberry sorbet, as well as a tableside pour of strawberry consommé. These exceptionally sweet and juicy berries give the consommé a ripe, clean, fresh flavor, and the steam-juicing process keeps the flavor and color fresher compared to other methods. The leftover pulp is dehydrated from this juicing process, powder it, and sprinkle it over the butter cookie crumb for a little more flavor.


Coffee is very strong and also very good.


Blackberry Cobbler

Fennel pollen, smoked vanilla

The Crown blackberries is cooked into a compote with caramel and consommé made from compressed blackberries, then season with salt and a bit of lemon.  The fresh blackberries is folded right before baking, building layers of concentrated blackberry flavor and a variety of blackberry textures. The top the cobbler is made with an oat streusel seasoned with fennel pollen and lemon zest before baking to a golden brown crust and we serve it warm and bubbly.


The cobbler is served with a slightly smoked vanilla ice cream, as well as a caramel to drizzle tableside made using Finocchietto fennel seed liqueur and a bit of our buttermilk.


Also includes is a side of fresh blackberries, just sliced in half, because they’re  juicy and delicious and a side of caramel sauce. .


Ending the meal with a Macaron and gummy bear which we took home.


We are now done with our meal and it is now dark.


When we got home we opened our bag and there is a banana bread and cold brew coffee from tomorrow breakfast.

How thoughtful of the m


The next morning we ate the banana bread which was delicious and we also drank the cold brew coffee.

Very nice~



I also told them we were celebrating our anniversary so on our way out they gave us an envelope.


All the employees signed the card.

Very nice touch.



What a lovely dinner!  The food was very good and innovative!  The waiters are very outgoing and very chatty and they really create a nice ambiance dinning here.

I will definitely be back but next time I will try to get a table inside which I am sure will be another experience.


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