Le Papillon, San Jose- 10/11/13

Amuse bouche 4 course dinner

 Le Papillon (meaning butterfly in French) is a fancy French restaurant established since 1977and located on the busy Saratoga avenue in San Jose, sandwiched between a hotel and a tiny strip mall.  The restaurant has a tiny parking lot on the side that fills quickly and chances are you will probably have to park in strip mall parking lot just next to it.

Back in the late 70"s and mid 80's Le Papillon was the upscale place to dine because there are simply not many choices in the area.  30 years later the restaurant is stagnant and never made it the next level such as the Plummed horse or Chez TJ.   I have eaten at le Papillon numerous times and I was never impress with their food, I felt that for a restaurant claiming to be upscale and commanding high prices it never deliver the goods.  To be fair the last time I ate there was 10 years ago so I hope they have improve since. So the question why I am going back to Le Papillon if I was never impressed?  Well, it has to do with having a gift certificate which I will tell you a bit later.


The outside of the restaurant.

The outside of the restaurant looks like it is someone's house rather than a restaurant.


The restaurant is surrounded by well manicured landscape.

The entrance to the restaurant.


The main Dinning room is fairly large and dimly lit.

First impression is that the room felt a bit dated,  the crowd dinning here are a bit older and there is a stuffiness in the atmosphere. 


Here is the gift certificate I told you about!  My Friend Raj got it  15 years ago and never used it.

Once I learn about it I told him we have to put it to good use and that's why I am returning to eat here.

The restaurant does not offer a la carte any longer.  There are only 2 choices: a 3 course menu at $70 or a 4 course menu for $80.

We opted for the 4 course Dinner.

My friend Raj

We were seated in a small and elongated room adjacent to the main dinning room.

For an upscale restaurant the room definitely looks like a country club ladies lounge.  It might looked elegant years ago but the splendor is long gone.

View from our table.


Complimentary amuse bouche

Pheasant pate


Just okay, a bit on the dry side and does not have much flavor.  Nice presentation though.

Assortment of bread for two.


2nd Amuse bouche

Tower of goat cheese and assorted vegetables.

This is a one bite amuse bouche and I remember it to be tasty and delicious.


3rd Amuse bouche

Chilled corn soup with coconut milk, cucumber salad and squid.

Out of the 3 amuse bouche this one is my favorite.  The corn soup was aromatic, sweet,  with a hint of coconut milk, and the crunchiness of the cucumber added a different texture to the smoothness of the soup.

Next....3 course dinner and Dessert



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