Two days in Los Angeles

Dinner at Belcampo Comedy Theatre Mother's day


Kevin loves a good steak so I searched for a restaurant in Santa Monica close to Wishire boulevard so we can go see the Comedy club right after dinner.

Belcampo is notable as much for its revolutionary business model as it is for its food.  It owners operate a meat company of the same name, which means they control every aspec of the supply chain from farming of the animals, the slaughtering process, the distribution and the sale to the comsumer.   Belcampo Meat Co. run an organic 12,000-acre ranch near Mt. Shasta and also a huge biodynamic farms in Uruguay and Belize. with its own slaughterhouse and half a dozen restaurants/butcher shops scattered around California.



The 1,000-square-foot butcher is the first thing you see and then on the far left you'll a small door giving access to the restaurant. 


Meat from the butcher shop



  A gorgeous bar featuring cocktails from mixology maven Josh Goldman


Belcampo is an 86-seat restaurant with a high-ceiling, colorfully decorated, in a 2,200-square-foot space with a polished industrial feel.


Beautiful cow leather hangig on the wall.


Tables made with recycle wood -Really nice


Hoa ordered an Old fashion cocktail and he gave it 2 thumbs up- Delicious- the proof is right there when there is nothing left on the glass.

Check out the knife!

We ordered a bottle of red wine.



Lamb chops with Iraeli couscous, Cerignola olives, cherry tomato, & toasted almond romesco.


Really delicious!


Hoa ordered a rib eye but has to send it back as there are no fat to be found in his ribeye.  They replaced it with a New york steak.


Side dishes: potato gratin and sauteecd brocolini with smoked ham.

Cirspy French Fries!



Kevin and Kristie shared a boned in cowboy steak.


We were really dissapointed, the meat is really not great.  The only thing we linke is the lamb chop other than that everything else was subpar for a steakhouse.

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