Sushi Shin, Redwood City-10/2/2021

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Sushi Shin opened their door in January 2020 (right during Covid) and quickly developed a loyal customer base.   The restaurant received their first 1 Michelin star in September 2021.

Jason Zhan is the chef Owner and his wife Betsy manages service on the diners’ side of the sushi bar.

The word “Shin" has three different meanings: real, new and heart. Jason explained that he choose to name the restaurant Sushi Shin because he wanted to make "real: sushi, based on the Edomae style, and at the same time he wanted to add "new" ideas, and also able to incorporate his own style.” 

The front of the restaurant is tiny and if you blink you will probably miss it.


There is no Sign so the only thing you can figure out is the number on the door and if you walk up close enough there is Japanese sign and the word "Sushi shin" in tiny print.


Our reservation is at 8:00pm and you have to wait outside until the first service is done (5:00pm to 8:00pm)


It is 8:00Pm and the first service is over and customers are starting to leave.  On the right you can see Jason standing at the door and saying good bye to his customers.


Last customers are out.  Jason told us to give him a few minutes so he can set up for the 2nd service.


  The interior was designed by Jason including the custom-made, U-shaped cypress sushi bar that fills the length of most of the room.  The interior is comfortable and intimate, the restaurant seats a maximum of nine guests and offers two seating for Omakase dinner service only. The small space allows Jason to create the type of chef’s table dining experience that drew him to Japanese cuisine in the first place. 


Fresh wasabi root on the counter.


As soon as you sit down, Betsy will ask if you want tea or water.  Not any regular water but alkaline water (pH 9.5) chosen for its healthful properties.

Betsy told us that there are 3 most important things when they created the restaurant is the design of the sushi bar, a Zen bathroom, and the best water.


View of the sushi bar.


Very simple plate setting: Napkin and chop sticks.


Colorful bowls and containers on the counter,


A bunch of bowls are set on the counter and in the back ground, Betsy is bringing out wine glasses for our sake.


Group picture!


Jason explaining what to expect during the meal.

Chef Jason Zhan was trained under the expertise of Kuriba San, the owner of Ushiwakamuru, NY known for traditional Edomae-Style Sushi.  Jason then moved on to work at esteemed Michelin starred restaurants such as 15 East, Kappo Masa, and O Ya (permanently closed now) and finally returning to Ushiwakamuru NY.  During his tenure at Ushiwakamuru NY the restaurant earned a 1 Michelin star in 2017


Here you can see Betsy in the back, taking care of her customers on the diner's side.


Cheers to Huyen and Phuc!  They been here before and were so impressed with the food and service that they want to come back again with us.



Trung and Ha and on the right Betsy pouring Sake for us.


Phuc did research and this bottle has a very interesting story.  Read story Here

The ultimate Junmai Daiginjo sake from Born, “Dreams Come True” is aged for five years at -8° C after brewing. Silky mouth feel, solid structure, and a clean cut yet edgy finish. Rich and very aromatic. In 2008, the prime minister of Japan presented a bottle of “Dreams Come True” to President Obama to celebrate his election.


We usually drink sake is a small glass but Jason told Phuc that it makes a huge difference if you drink it from a Burgundy glass. 

Jason was right!  From now on we will drink sake in a Burgundy glass where you can really smell the aroma.


I don't know much about sake but I can tell you this bottle was fantastic, aromatic, and so smooth on the palate.


Here are the two bottles that Phuc bought for our meal at Sushi Shin,

The blue bottle Nihon no Tsubasa (Wings of Japan) Junmai Daiginjo was given to President Clinton at the States Dinner in Japan.

Both bottles are special order and they were shipped to Phuc's house just before our dinner.


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