Surprise Birthday dinner Party 2/11/11

Surprise-Table setting The food The gifts

Hoa told me we are going out to a nice restaurant with the group and we are meeting at Maily's at 7:00PM.  I did not give it any thoughts and had no reason to suspect that something was going on other than we are going out!  Hoa asked me to dress up a bit since we are going out to nice restaurant.  As we were parking the car,  I noticed that all of our friends cars are already parked in front of the house, so I asked Hoa: "Are we late?  Looks like everyone are here before us!"  to that Hoa replied: " No, we are all time!  we are supposed to meet here at 7:00PM".

As so as we are walking in the front door, I was a bit surprise that there are no noise and the lights were so dim, and then suddenly the lights are turned and a loud "Surprise!  Happy birthday!"

I took me so much by surprise that I could barely react! I was simply in shock!  I did not even have a slight clue that Maily and our Friends are throwing a surprise birthday party for me!  What a nice surprise!

After singing Happy birthday Hoa wanted to take a picture of us at Maily's entrance.

Loan, Huyen, Me and Hanh

Huyen, Loan, Mui, Me, and Hanh


The Set up

Maily did a wonderful job at setting up the table!  Fine China are brought out.

Candle lights and beautiful flower arrangement are part of the decoration on the table.

Table overview!

Close look at the flowers arrangement!

Elegant Plate setting.

Wine courtesy of Phuc/Huyen

Phuc and Maily worked out the menu and Phuc paired carefully each dish with a special wine.

We had the Kistler while dining at the French Laundry!  Special bottle for a special occasion!


2006 Caymus "Special Selection" Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon-

Phuc called them "Caymus on Steroid"

Always a favorite among wine critics, Robert Parker rated the 2005 92-94 points and the 2004 scored 95 points and the 2006 is sure to achieve the same level of acclaim.

94 points Wine Spectator: "Complex, riveting aromas of spice, cola and sassafras join wild berry, spice, black cherry and sage notes in this full-bodied, intensely flavored, tightly focused and very persistent display of fruit that's long and lingering."


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