My Birthday- 2/11/11

Birthdays in our family are never a big event!  We usually go out to a restaurant and that is the extent of it.  Rarely do I get a gift nor flowers!   When I got home from work, I opened the door and Hoa and Kevin were standing there and in unison they sang" Happy birthday" to me which was very typical.   I thought okay that's very nice and I did think I get anything else but to my surprise Hoa gave me a dozen red roses, and a large box nicely wrapped!  It was totally unexpected,  and I  was totally shocked, but in a very nice way!

   All I expected was a "happy Birthday" a few kisses and then we are off to a nice dinner, but this year, not only did I received roses, I also get a nice Louis Vuitton bag, and a wonderful meal!  I can definitely not ask for anything more!

A dozen roses to start the evening.  The last time I received roses from Hoa was for my 40th birthday

Yes, that was more than a decade ago!

This is so unusual that I put the roses in a vase then took a few pictures because let's face it, this might be a while before I get flowers from my husband, so I might as well cherish and savor the moment!

Tonight Hoa and Kevin are taking me to Twist Bistro located in old town Campbell. 

Twist Bistro in American bistro with a French twist but to me it is more French than American

Patio Area

Starting the evening with a glass of wine.

View of the restaurant as soon as you walk in..

View of the ceiling

The menu at Twist Bistro

We arrived at 7:00PM and the restaurant was pretty empty!  I thought wow this is not a very good sign for a Saturday!

30 minutes later the place was completely booked!  I was glad I make reservation before coming!

As soon as we sat down, the waiter brought a plate of carotte râpée (grated carrot salad) and some delicious warm bread.

This dish is so popular in France and it’s everywhere. You’ll find it on many café and bistro menus, charcuteries sell it by the kilo, and even mega-supermarkets. Traditionally, the carrot is grated but here it is Julienne, which I like better because it is crunchy!

The Appetizers:

We decided to order 2 appetizers and share them among the three of us.

The first appetizer we ordered is Moules (Mussels) Marinière.  Another simple and classic way to prepare mussels with cream and white wineHere the chef added a pinch of curry in the broth and heightened the taste of the mussels. 

Kevin Choose the Duck Foie Gras terrine Maison (home made) with balsamic mixed salad.  

The foie gras was very good!  Hoa and I we only took a bit and Kevin ate the whole thing!


The Main course

I selected the domestice Lamb Shank with roasted vegetable and Spatzle (type of egg noodle of soft texture found in the cuisine of Germany).

I had to take home 2/3 of because the portion was way to copious!  I like the dish.

Kevin selected the Hanging tender steak with French Fries.  You got to taste the French Fries here!  They are so good and cruncy.

Kevin told me the steak was very good, not as good as Phuc but close enough.

close look at the steak.  Kevin likes his steak to be on the rare side.

Hoa ordered the Pork chop with Roquefort sauce.  Excellent dish! The Roquefort sauce was perfect with the meat!


Desserts and Coffee

Kevin does not care for dessert so Hoa and I we share a Raspberry Crêpes soufflé served with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.

Close look at the crepes.  The crepes were actually pretty good!


And of course coffee is the perfect ending to a meal!

Next..Dinner at Maily's (a week later)

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